Restaurant Review: Shoefly Public House

Full disclaimer: I started out wanting to love this place because it’s maybe a 5 minute walk from our house. Well… Closer to 10 since this little nugget decided he’s too big to be carried.


Mark and I stopped into Shoefly for a nightcap shortly after they opened last year and knew we wanted to come back and try the food. Once I found out kiddos were welcome, that sealed the deal. They locally source most of their ingredients, and their menu changes seasonally (so alas, none of the fabulous brownie batter wontons we’d sampled previously). They also feature a constantly changing beer list, both draft and bottle with many local offerings, as well as a decent wine list.

This visit, we decided to forgo appetizers and just dove right into food and beers. I tried a Bier Brewery pilsner, while Mark opted for a Daredevil IPA. Ok on both counts… I wish I’d opted for something a little more flavorful but took the waitress’s suggestion for a light, summery beer.


Mark has had his heart set on trying the walleye fish and chips (a mainstay on the menu). I found the pretzel flatbreads intriguing, so I decided on the Cuban pork, capocolla, mozzarella, and grain mustard option (it also comes with pickles, but those who know me know I do NOT do pickles. Barf!). Little buddy Jack got the Avalena, or grilled cheese with regular potato fries. They have an awesome selection for kids! The owner named everything on the kid’s menu after little ones in their family, which I find incredibly endearing.



Clearly, Jack found his so yummy looking he couldn’t wait 😉

Oh my goodness. Guys, the food here is A…MAZING. My flatbread was crispy, cheesy, meaty awesomeness with a little sprinkle of green onion and parsley on top for good measure. Mark’s fish had a light, flaky beer batter and was not super greasy (that is my biggest complaint about Chatham Tap’s fish and chips, which now comes in a distant 2nd as best fish and chips in Indy) and of course, fries. Even Jack’s little kiddie meal was delicious. Thick buttered Texas toast with a mix of cheeses, grilled to perfection, and accompanied by a generous serving of their scrumptiously seasoned potato fries (I keep saying potato because they also offer sweet potato and yucca fries).


We took advantage of their newly opened patio since the weather was particularly nice that night. The host warned us if it got busier outside another couple may be seated at the other end of our picnic table, which we said was fine as long as those people didn’t mind being seated across from a crazy, food throwing toddler. Haha! Shoefly has ample seating indoors as well, whether it be at a table or the light wood bar. They do also have flat screen TVs behind the bar, for those who are into that kind of thing 😉

Shoefly’s prices are a bit on the high side (for us anyway) for a casual dinner, but absolutely reasonable for the caliber of the meal. We will definitely be back… There were too many tasty sounding options and not enough room in our tummies! A must try if you’re in Indianapolis or surrounding ‘burbs.


Shoefly Public House is located at 122 E 22nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46202 (right at the intersection off 22nd and Talbott St).

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