Black Bean Burgers


Now I’ll be honest- one of my favorite things about this meal is that you can make them in advance, freeze ’em, and pull them out when you’re ready to eat them. As anyone with a needy toddler knows, it can be a tad difficult to prepare a healthy dinner while attempting to satisfy the demands of a tiny, crazy human. Throw a few of these in a skillet, make some sweet potato fries (our side of choice with this dinner), and boom. Satisfying, just a little kick of spice, and super delicious. One note- I’ve tried making them in the past with dried cilantro in lieu of fresh to avoid a trip to the store, and they were fine. But fresh cilantro just takes these to a whole. ‘notha. level.  I’m a plain Jane, so I just top mine with some co-jack. If you’re more adventurous like my dear husband, try one with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a dab of 1000 island dressing (he swears it’s amazing!). Even the little guy loves these burgers. We use whole wheat buns but have also used sandwich thins and plain ol’ hamburger buns in the past with equally yummy results. Happy eating!


And heck yes, those are paper plates. Oooo, we fancy! 😉



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