Restaurant Review: South of Chicago Pizza & Beef


Fellow displaced Chicagoans/Region Rats/ deep dish enthusiasts: rejoice. If you’ve been seeking out a great slice of pizza (Chicago style or thin crust) or the elusive (good) Chicago style Italian beef in Indianapolis, look no further than SoC. With locations in Fletcher Place and now Fishers, the owner GETS it. This city needed some good pizza, and he has been more than happy to provide! As a former long-time Aurelio’s employee, he’s taken his experience to his new indianapolis home and applied their amazing sauce (the best pizza sauce EVER, in my humble opinion) to the best crust this side of 65. I know, I know, I hear the detractors already… “Bazbeaux! Jockamo!” No. I’m talking about the kind of pizza that makes a NWI’er like myself long for the days of grabbing a pie after a day at Wrigley, shopping on the Mag Mile or sitting in traffic on the Dan Ryan (ok, not so much on the last one).


I mean, just look at it! The crust manages to be both crisp and chewy, with just the right amount of seasoning and not over-floured (I LOATHE when the bottom of my pizza is coated in flour. BLEGH). The sauce is perfection, just a hint of sweetness balancing the acidity of the tomatoes. We opted for sausage and pepperoni (again, because I’m a plain Jane). 2 toppings besides cheese are included with each pie, but you can obviously add more if you choose. For the love of Pete, always get sausage on your pizza here- the owner gets his driven down from Chicago every week. It’s legit! And like any good deep dish pizza, you will drown in cheese. Oooh, the cheese! The thin crust is just as tasty (again it invokes Aurelio’s, never a bad thing). While we did not get sandwiches this time around, Mark ranks SoC’s beef as the absolute best in Indy. Fat Dan’s comes second, and Chicago’s (RIP) pulled up 3rd. Chips come with each sandwich, or you can upgrade to fries for $1 (honestly, stick with the chips. The fries are meh). They also offer a meatball sandwich, BBQ beef, and Italian sausage, which you can also add to your beef sammie for a delish heart attack in a basket 😊 Of course, there are also breadsticks, cheese sticks, etc offered for appetizers. During the week, lunch goers can take part of their pizza, salad and drink buffet. As night shifters, it’s hard for us to be anywhere by 2 pm but we fully intend to check it out.


Our biggest caveats with this place are that they are CLOSED on Sundays and Mondays (aka prime pizza eating days, especially during football season!), and they only deliver to 10th street (which we are blocks north of). Otherwise, this is the perfect neighborhood pizza joint, down to the typical red-and-white checkered tables and tea lights in cut-glass votives on the table. Bonus points for Chicago fans – Blackhawks, Bulls, Bears, Sox and Cubs paraphernalia cover the walls in addition to views of Navy Pier and Soldier Field. Sit down and have a beer while you wait on your carryout, or dine in and watch (what else) ESPN. The prices are great, the atmosphere is friendly, and you can’t beat the food. You won’t be disappointed!


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