Grilled SPG Pizza


I couldn’t tell you where I got the idea for this combination of pizza toppings (Pinterest, probably), but man, oh, man… it’s gooood. The creaminess of the goat cheese, the snappy crunch (is that even the right word?) of the shrimp, and the overall amazingness that is basil pesto combine to form quite possibly the most decadent yet somewhat healthy pizza on earth. The one thing we’ve always found lacking has been the crust. Every other time we’ve made this pizza, we’ve baked it in the oven, using a variety of crusts each time. The toppings were always great together, but the crust was just… meh. Worse still, the oil in the pesto combining with the cheese tended to make it soggy. Lo and behold, Pinterest again held the answer. Why not GRILL the pizza? Of course! This time around, I picked up some frozen organic pizza crusts from Trader Joe’s and decided to throw some spinach on it as well, just to squeeze in a veggie serving. I don’t know if it was grilling the crust or the crust itself, but it was phenomenal! The toppings were again perfect and the crust was crispy and delicious. With the weather getting warmer, I have a feeling we’ll be grilling our pizzas to avoid heating up the kitchen… and I don’t mind one bit. Bonus –  if you’re having company, this is a tasty dish to serve that looks fancy but is not at all complicated to make.


  • Pizza dough (either frozen or make your own, if you’re good with dough… I am NOT!)
  • 1 small jar of basil pesto
  • 1 cup frozen precooked salad shrimp, thawed
  • ~ 1 oz goat cheese
  • 1/4 cup shredded Italian cheese blend
  • Handful of washed spinach leaves
  • Olive oil, for brushing

Spinach not pictured, because I’m a derpy-derp.


  • Thaw pizza dough and shrimp per package directions. Assemble your ingredients and place them in close proximity to your grill.
  • Heat grill to high heat. Brush one side of your dough lightly with olive oil. Once the grill has reached the appropriate temperature (hot enough that you can’t hold your hand over the grate for more than 2 seconds), use a pair of tongs to brush a paper towel soaked in olive oil along the grates of the grill. Carefully place your dough, oiled side down, onto the grill (a rimless cookie sheet or pizza peel is helpful for sliding pizza on and off the grill, but not necessary. We used the cardboard bottom from our crust and a pair of tongs). Close grill lid and let cook for about 2 minutes, or until the top of the crust starts forming bubbles. Remove from grill and try not to eat plain crust.


  • Now that you’ve got one gloriously toasted side of pizza crust, flip it over. Use some oil from your jar of pesto to (VERY) lightly coat the ungrilled side of your crust. Next, spoon some pesto onto the crust and spread evenly. (For 1 pizza, we used about 1/4 of the jar.). Add spinach leaves. Crumble the goat cheese across your crust, followed by the shredded cheese. I’m a cheese girl; the more the better. You can obviously adjust to your liking. Finally, scatter your tiny salad shrimp onto the pizza. Image
  • At this point, turn down the heat on your grill. Slide the pizza back onto the grates and close the lid. Check in about 2 minutes; if your cheese is at a good melty point, turn the heat back up so your crust gets good and crispy. Cook for another 2-3 minutes, then remove from grill. Slice and serve ASAP!


This pizza is the perfect size for two people. Since we had the ingredients and the package I bought contained 2 crusts, we went ahead and made both pizzas and saved 1 for a late snack/next day’s lunch. This is great leftover (and those of you who know me know I DO NOT do leftovers, so that’s saying something). Hope you enjoy!


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