Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata

As much as I LOVE breakfast, we don’t do anything too exciting around here… Usually some scrambled eggs and fruit for the kiddo and I; on the rare occasion we’re all home and awake for breakfast we typically whip up some pancakes, biscuits and gravy, etc. In an effort to start my morning off a little more flavorfully, I threw some spinach and goat cheese in a skillet with some eggs. YUMTOWN! (I should credit here that Mark did it first… This was my recreation 😉) Plus it’s a fun way to add some veggies to your morning. Great way to start the day!

2 large eggs (or if you prefer to do egg whites only, use 3)
1 oz goat cheese
1/3 cup spinach

First, preheat your broiler. Beat your eggs together in a small bowl.

Spray a medium skillet with some cooking spray and preheat to low-medium. Pour beaten eggs in slowly. Add spinach and goat cheese, pressing lightly into eggs. Season to taste with salt and pepper, stirring lightly into mixture.

Without flipping, cook on low-medium heat until edges begin to brown slightly. The top may still be runny, and this is fine! The next step will take care of that.

Pop your skillet under the broiler for just a minute or two, just long enough for the rest of the egg to cook and the top to set. Remove from broiler and slide onto plate. Slice and serve!

The options are endless… I’ve made this with sausage and broccoli; you could add bacon, chorizo, any assortment of cheeses, even fruit if you dare. I challenge you to break up your breakfast rut! 😄


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