Restaurant Review: La Mulita

I currently have a backlog of at least a week’s worth of recipes to write up and post, but y’all, I would be morally remiss to go another second with telling you about La Mulita. If you pay attention to the Indianapolis restaurant scene, you’d surely heard of or been to Delicia. La Mulita is the cantina/little sister to this fabulous restaurant (or so I’ve heard; it’s on the short list of places to try next date night). Open every day but Monday, La Mulita serves a fresh take on Mexican street food with an excellent beer, wine, and cocktail menu. More on that later! The dinner menu, which begins at 3 pm, has slightly fewer options- but we were in no way disappointed.

We started with an order of guacamole at Mark’s request. One bite and he proclaimed, “I. Love. This place.” Even I was a fan, and I don’t go crazy for guac/dips in general. Now let’s talk about drinks…

This little beauty in particular. You guys, this is HANDS DOWN the best margarita I’ve ever had! I’m not sure if it was the agave nectar or orange blossom water that added a hint of sweetness to the traditional limey flavor of a classic marg, but WOOOO. I can’t wait to go back to have another!

We decided to get another appetizer, settling on the croquetas de pollo. I described it to a friend as kind of like a chicken hush puppy. Either way, they were delicious, as was the serrano aioli that came with them.

The kid’s menu is small-ish, but I’m guessing they don’t see much of the munchkin crowd as they only had 1 high chair. 😂 We ordered our little dude a cheese quesadilla, which came with a side of plantain chips. Our server was super sweet and made sure it came out before our entrees- always important when dining with a toddler. It was a good size and tasty! All of the Dailys approved (Mom and Dad had to taste test, of course!).

For entrees, Mark ordered the tamales oaxaqueños. Chicken tamales with mole sauce, crema, and queso cheese, he felt the mole was a bit bitter but overall enjoyed the dish. He said the Tamale Place has better tamales, but that it didn’t spoil the experience for him. I found them delightful and even ate his leftovers at work the next night.

I opted for the cochinita pebil cemita, or ancho pork sliders with black beans and avocado (and pickled onions, but EW. No thanks.). Holy yum town, these were awesome! I only ate 1, feeling pretty full from appetizers, but 2 would be a perfect portion if you’d opted out of apps. So flavorful! I would definitely order these again.
For 2 apps, 2 entrees, 1 kid’s meal, 1 “adult beverage”, and 1 iced tea, our total bill was $40… Are you kidding me?! For the service, ambience, and caliber of the food, I would have glad paid well over $50. I think it’s safe to say La Mulita has easily secured a place in our top 5 fave eats in Indianapolis! Check it out next time you’re in the SoBro area… Or just make it a point to go. You won’t be disappointed!
Had to include a photo of the nugget enjoying a lime. Little weirdo loves his lemons and limes!
*Disclaimer: this was not the lime from my margarita! 😂

Check out La Mulita’s menu here


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