Restaurant Review: Delicia

Warning: If you are a picky eater or are unwilling to try new/unfamiliar dishes, this place is NOT the restaurant for you! After trying the little sister cantina restaurant, La Mulita, a few weeks back, Delicia moved quickly up my short list of places I wanted to try. The restaurant has been around since March 2013, and their take on Latin/Mexican food has had the Indy food scene buzzing ever since. After much deliberation (and my friends will tell you, much badgering/menu comparing… thanks for being troopers!), a group of girlfriends and I decided Delicia would be the perfect place to celebrate my turning 28. Holy cow, I don’t think a single one of us was disappointed! We already know the margaritas are FABULOUS (per my La Mulita review), so we started with a round of those, some chips and guac, and then the real fun began. Leti ordered up some ceviche, and Abbie and Ali ordered the warm octopus salad and tostones. That’s right, OCTOPUS.

As you can see, I was a bit ambivalent.
Abbie and Ali were much more willing/excited. Hey look girls, you made it on the blog! My self-proclaimed biggest fans. 😊
Turns out, it was kinda delicious… as long as you mashed it around enough to not get the tentacle texture. The overall verdict was “I didn’t hate it.” Ha! The ceviche was excellent, as were the chips and guacamole (of course.) For my next cocktail, I strayed from my comfort zone to try the fire and ice – jalapeño infused tequila, hibiscus, basil, habanero reduction, and an ice ball with chiles in it. It was simultaneously refreshing and HOT! This is a signature for Delicia and I can see why. I loved it!
When it came time to order entrees, I don’t think anyone was really certain what they wanted. Funnily enough, we each ordered something different! After a bit of confusion, we passed samples around the table tapas-style so that everyone could try a bite of the offerings. I chose the serrano scallops, which were wrapped in ham and covered in a cava-lemon sauce and came with mashed white sweet potatoes and veggies. Guys, I about died and went to heaven. SO, SO GOOD. I can’t even begin to explain. The saltiness of the ham cut through the brininess of the scallops, and the sauce was a bright, lovely finish. Really, everything I tried was delicious- I believe the table got my scallops, tamal corn cakes, fish tacos, paella, moqueca (a sort of shrimp scampi, only better), ancho peach pork, and beef empanada. The only other photo of an entree I got was thanks to Morgan – those are her tamal corn cakes with beef, pico, cilantro-lime crema and some queso fresco. *DROOL*
When it came time for dessert, the churros with chocolate was the hands-down preferred order. We also got a couple orders of tres leches cake, and a complimentary flan for my birthday! You’ll get tired of hearing me say this but oh man- everything was perfect! The churros were just the right amount of crunchy without being greasy; the chocolate sauce was smooth and not grainy. The tres leches was like taking a bite of a milky, delicious cloud – so light and flavorful. Even the flan was good, and the word “flan” conjures weird images for me. You get 4 churros to an order, but I’d wolfed down 2 before I remembered to take a photo. 😝
Overall, the meal was spectacular. Food, drinks, ambiance, waitstaff, everything was top notch. Definitely a gem in Indianapolis! The girls were gracious enough to pay for my meal, which was no small chunk of change, but I thought it was pretty reasonable for the caliber of the food, drink, and just experience in general. For 2 drinks, my entree, dessert, and gratuity, the total was about $50. So yeah, not for a casual random dinner out, but special occasions for sure. If you find yourself in need of a somewhat fancy, off the beaten path menu-type restaurant, I’d highly recommend Delicia. Thanks again to Leti, Nancy, Morgan, Abbie, Ali, and Allison for a fabulous evening!
Delicia is located on the northwest corner of 52nd and College Ave in the South Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis.


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