Restaurant Review: Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Let me apologize in advance for a) the lack of photos in this post, and b) my obvious bias for another local pizza place I’ve previously reviewed. We decided to try Jockamo after a trip to the near East side to Under the Sun. I’ve been curious to check out the Irvington neighborhood for a while, and this provided the perfect opportunity! First of all- Irvington is adorable. I quickly found myself trying to convince Mark to move there when our lease is up πŸ˜‰ Jockamo is situated in a strip of other local businesses, namely Black Acre Brewing (which I’ve also been eager to check out). Walking in, it looks like your standard pizza joint. It’s fairly large, and we were seated quickly near some other tables with kiddos. I will say, this place has our fave beat in the beer department- Jockamo offers a TON by way of fresh, local brews. They also had a special on bombers of our Chicago favorite, so naturally the Mr. had to order one. I went with a Sun King Oktoberfest. πŸ‘
And now, I’m gonna earn some haters. We started off with an order of breadsticks and a side of their house Parmesan dipping sauce. The sticks were meh… Not very well seasoned, kinda generic. The sauce however was AMAZING, and they give you plenty of it.
The pizza menu was again pretty standard, with a few house specialty pies. We went with the Slaugterhouse 5, because a) who doesn’t love a good Vonnegut reference? And b) it comes with ALL OF THE MEATS. Solid.

It was… Good. But I have to say, for all of the hype, I wasn’t blown away! The crust was fine, the sauce was fine, the toppings were fine. Nothing really stood out. I would definitely choose Jockamo over Bazbeaux, but SoC definitely still stands as our favorite pizza place in Indy. We’ll likely make a return trip to try another of their offerings; Mark was especially intrigued by the Italian beef (of course) and some of the other pizzas and salads look tempting. The pizza was a bit pricy- we got a large so we’d have lunch leftovers and the pie alone is almost $21. For that, the breadsticks, a drink for Jack, and 2 beers, our bill with tip was about $50 (granted the bomber was $12, so we kept that in mind… But still.). Our waiter was definitely a bit frazzled by our hangry toddler but was otherwise fine and helpful with suggestions. Like I said, definitely warrants a return trip, if only because Nuvo readers consistently vote Jockamo among the top 3 in the city. I just hope to taste more to be excited about next time!

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza is located in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis at 5646 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219.


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