Restaurant Review: The Local Eatery & Pub

Trying to Google “The Local” is a bit frustrating unless you type the WHOLE name of the restaurant, as well as Carmel, Indiana. Otherwise, you get a list of local restaurants (go figure!). This is my biggest (well, only really) complaint about the place, however. They take reservations. They’re kid friendly. They offer gastropub type fare, but using local ingredients as much as possible. The hipster waiters are attentive, but not hovering. I’ll be going back here, for sure. This was a girls’ night out with my best lady frands, Allison and Ali. We started, naturally, with wine. ๐Ÿ˜Š See how the menus are unfussy and printed on paper?

I like that. It means they change it often enough not to warrant laminating, using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Me likey a lot! So anyway, wine is ordered. Ali had beaten us there and ordered up a basket of Cajun tater tots at the suggestion of our waiter. Salty, a little sweet, crunchy, not at all greasy. I could go on for days about these tots.

The hard part was choosing entrees. The Local has a good mixture of salads, pastas, sandwiches, and burgers to choose from, as well as featured specials that change weekly. I went with Isiah’s farm burger, a traditional beef patty with goat cheese, bacon, a sunny side up egg, and house made sauce.

Juicy, delicious, and a little messy thanks to the egg yolk and sauce… YUMMO! Poor Mark, the king of the cheeseburger, is still mad I didn’t bring him home anything. We’ll just have to go ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜œ Allison chose the bison burger and upgraded her side, swapping fries for Mac n cheese. The bison burger here was recently voted the best in Indy! I had a small taste and could see why that decision was made.

Ali ordered my runner up choice, a big ol’ bowl of mac n cheese.

Ooooh, mama. Ooey, gooey cheesy amazingness with BACON. Little lardons dancing among the hills of cavatappi covered in white cheddar sauce. I just… I can’t. So good. Somehow, we saved room for dessert. I’ve had a thing for beignets lately.

Whee, and arranged like a starfish! Light little pastries fried and then dusted with powdered sugar, beignets are kind of having a culinary moment. I’ve seen them pop up on many a menu here in town recently. And OMG, the sauce. Guys, hands down, this is the best dipping sauce I’ve ever had. Coming from a diehard chocoholic, this is saying something! A creamy vanilla anglaise, I’m pretty certain I said I wanted to drink it. I was a tad upset when the waiter cleared the plate before the sauce was gone. One of my very favorite things about The Local was their prices. I expect to pay a decent amount for fresh, locally sourced food that’s also well executed. You could easily have a date night here for less than $40… We’ve paid more for terrible food and shoddy service, neither of which you’ll find at The Local. Next time you’re in the northern part of our fair Indianapolis, I highly recommend giving them a try. Oh and hey… They cater too! ๐Ÿ˜„

Check out The Local Eatery & Pub’s menu here.


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