About the Dailys

I’m Erin. During the day (well, nights, because I’m a night shifter) I’m a labor and delivery nurse at a small-ish community hospital near Indianapolis. I still can’t believe that 6 years after graduating from Purdue, we’re still living in Indy… And we actually kinda like it. However, our sports (and food!) loyalties will forever lie in Chicago. I’ve only started learning how to bake and cook in the last few years, but I’ve quickly grown to love it and discovering new things to try all the time.

Mark, on the other hand, has always been quite handy in the kitchen. At night, he guards the patients, visitors, and staff at one of the bigger hospital campuses here in Indy. But his passion is definitely food! He can whip up something tasty just winging it, no recipes needed. After seeing the movie Chef, I think his new life goal is to open/own a food truck 😉 He also attended Purdue. He is my biggest critic and fan, and I love him dearly for it!

We met in high school physics class (hey, Mr. Conard!). Mark asked for my phone number; I didn’t hear him and didn’t answer so he just assumed I was blowing him off. Thankfully a classmate interfered (thanks again, Gagandeep!) and the rest is history. We got married in Vegas in 2009.

And then along came baby Jack in January 2013! He’s an excellent little helper, whether pulling out EVERY pot and pan to make sure I have what I need to tastetesting. A foodie in the making!

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about our fun little family. ❤️



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